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  • Time and Place. TR 18:30-19:50 in BELL 130A (or BELL 130)
  • Instructor. Helmut Knaust, Bell Hall 219,, 747-7002
  • Office Hours. TR 13:30-14:50, after class, or by appointment.
  • BindEr.jpg
    Textbook. Donald Bindner and Martin Erickson. A Student's Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics, CRC Press, 2011. Amazon lists its price as $37.00 (12/17/2013).
  • Course Description. An introduction to technology used in mathematics education such as graphing calculators, computer algebra systems, course specific software and the use of the internet, and an exploration of its appropriate and effective use in the mathematics classroom.
  • Course Requirements/Deliverables.
    • Software Review (15%): Students will give a 20-minute presentation on selected topics concerning software or its use in the classroom. Each student will distribute an accompanying 2-page handout.
    • Video Lesson (15%): Students will produce a 3-minute video lesson on a topic of their choice. The lesson will be accompanied by a 1-page LaTeX lesson plan.
    • Lesson Design (20%): Students will design and present a Math lesson of their choice involving appropriate technology (about 20-30 minutes in-class presentation, using Beamer for at least a portion of the presentation). An accompanying lesson plan in LaTeX should have a length of 3-5 pages.
    • Wolfram Demonstration Project (20%): Each student will submit a Mathematica notebook to the WDP website. Deadline: April 2.
    • GeoGebra (15%): Each student will submit a GeoGebra construction to the GeoGebra materials collection. Deadline: April 15.
    • Homework and some in-class activities will account for the remaining 15% of your grade.
  • Time Requirement. I expect that you spend an absolute minimum of six hours a week outside of class on preparing your individual and group activities, reading the textbook, preparing for the next class, reviewing your class notes, and completing homework assignments. Not surprisingly, it has been my experience that there is a strong correlation between class grade and study time.
  • Attendance. You are strongly encouraged to attend every class meeting.
  • Drop Policy. The class schedule lists Friday, April 4, as the last day to drop with an automatic "W". After the deadline, I can only drop you from the course with a grade of "F".
  • Students with Disabilities. If you have a disability and need special accommodation, please contact the Disabled Student Services Office (DSSO) in Union East 106, 747-5148,

Technology Info


  • Dates for Lesson Design
    • May 1: Melissa, Monique, Agamyrat
    • May 6: Jennifer, Susana


  • 4/22: HW09 Homework: Rewrite your solutions to HW01 and HW06 as an HTML page. Due 4/29.
  • 4/10: HW08 Excel homework. Due 4/17.
  • 3/25: HW07 Homework: Chapter 16, Problem 3. Due 4/10.
  • 3/18: HW06 Homework: Chapter 11, Problem 2. Due 3/25.
  • 3/4: HW05 Homework: Chapter 10, Problems 2,6,13. Due 3/18. (Technical assistance)
  • 2/18: HW04 Third Mathematica homework. Due 3/4.
  • 2/18: HW03 Second Mathematica homework. Due 2/25.
  • 2/7: HW02 First Mathematica homework. Due 2/18.
  • 1/21: HW01 Chapter 9, Problems: 5 (parts 2,4,8), 6 (parts 3,4), 7 (parts 2,4). Due 1/30 (email tex file and pdf file; filename: HW01_lastname.tex etc.)


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