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  • Time and Place. M 17:00-19:50 in BELL 130A (or BELL 130)
  • Instructor. Helmut Knaust, Bell Hall 219,, 747-7002
  • Office Hours. T 15:00-16:00, R 10:00-11:30, after class, or by appointment.
  • BindEr.jpg
    Textbook. Donald Bindner and Martin Erickson. A Student's Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics, CRC Press, 2011. Amazon lists its price as $38.67 (1/27/2103).
  • Course Description. An introduction to technology used in mathematics education such as graphing calculators, computer algebra systems, course specific software and the use of the internet, and an exploration of its appropriate and effective use in the mathematics classroom.
  • Course Requirements/Deliverables.
    • Software Review (15%): Groups of two students will give a 20-minute presentation on selected topics concerning software or its use in the classroom. Each group will distribute an accompanying 2-page handout.
    • Video Lesson (15%): Groups of two students will produce a 3-minute video lesson on a topic of their choice. The lesson will be accompanied by a 1-page LaTeX lesson plan.
    • Lesson Design (20%): Groups of two students will design and present a Math lesson of their choice involving appropriate technology (about 20-30 minutes in-class presentation, using Beamer for at least a portion of the presentation). An accompanying lesson plan in LaTeX should have a length of 3-5 pages.
    • Wolfram Demonstration Project (20%): Each student will submit a Mathematica notebook to the WDP website. Deadline: March 31.
    • GeoGebra (15%): Each student will submit a GeoGebra construction to the GeoGebra materials collection. Deadline: April 15 (tentative).
    • Participation, in-class activities, and homework will account for the remaining 15% of your grade.
  • Time Requirement. I expect that you spend an absolute minimum of six hours a week outside of class on preparing your individual and group activities, reading the textbook, preparing for the next class, reviewing your class notes, and completing homework assignments. Not surprisingly, it has been my experience that there is a strong correlation between class grade and study time.
  • Attendance. You are strongly encouraged to attend every class meeting.
  • Drop Policy. The class schedule lists Friday, April 5, as the last day to drop with an automatic "W". After the deadline, I can only drop you from the course with a grade of "F".
  • Students with Disabilities. If you have a disability and need special accommodation, please contact the Disabled Student Services Office (DSSO) in Union East 106, 747-5148,

Technology Info

Geogebra Projects


Team assignments for video and technology lessons

Technology Survey (LaTeX version)

Software Review Topics. Topics will be assigned to student groups on Monday, February 4.


May 6Lesson Presentations III, Groups G-J
April 29Lesson Presentations II, Groups C-F
April 22Video Lessons (all groups)
Lesson Presentations I, Groups A-B
April 15Deadline for GeoGebra project submission
Introduction to Stella
Information Retrieval (Dr. Guthrie)
April 8Cinderella (Melinda and Mike)
LEGO Mindstorms (April and Mario)
Setting up a website
In-class: Work on GeoGebra project
April 1Deadline for Wolfram Demonstration Project submission (deadline extended to April 5)
CANCELLED Effectiveness of technology use in the Math classroom (Adrian and Isabel)
Logo (Korin and Ruben)
Introduction to R
March 25In-class: Work on Wolfram Demonstration Project
Introduction to GeoGebra
Homework: Chapter 16, Problem 3 (due April 8)
March 18(Spring break)
March 11MatLab (Israel)
Spreadsheets in the Math classroom (Alejandra and Ariana)
March 4SmartBoard (Adam and Heidi)
Maxima (R. Mike and Toni)
Intro to Mathematica V
Mathematica Homework 3 (due March 25)
February 25Slide Rules and logarithmic tables (Luis and Rigo)
RPN Calculators and high school math competitions (Bill and J. Jeremy)
Assignment of video and lesson groups
Intro to Mathematica IV
Mathematica Homework 2 (due March 11)
February 18PSTricks (Alex and Wendy)
Beamer (Bernadette and Paul)
Wolfram Demonstration Project and Intro to Mathematica III
Homework: Chapter 10: 1,3,6
February 11Intro to Mathematica II
Mathematica Homework 1
February 4Assignment of topics for "Software Review"
More LaTeX
Mathematica in the college classroom
Intro to Mathematica I
January 28Syllabus
Introduction to LaTeX
LaTeX Homework: (1) Install LaTeX on your computer, (2) Chapter 9, Problems: 5 (parts 2,4,8), 6 (parts 3,4), 7 (parts 2,4) (3) Software review projects will be chosen by student groups on Monday 2/4.
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