Helmut Knaust - Research Interests

Functional Analysis, in particular Banach Space Theory. Some Combinatorics, Topology and Metric Fixed Point Theory.

Research Papers

    S. Banach R. Baire
    F. Ramsey E. Odell

  1. Lambda-Hyperconvexity in Metric Spaces, with M.A. Khamsi, N.T. Nguyen & M.D. O'Neill.
    Nonlinear Analysis, Vol. 43 (1) (2001) pp. 21-31.

  2. On Asymptotic Structure, the Szlenk Index and UKK Properties in Banach Spaces, with E. Odell & Th. Schlumprecht.
    Positivity 3 (1999), 173-199.

  3. Some Isomorphic Preduals of l1 Which Are Isomorphic to c0.
    Rocky Mountains Journal of Mathematics 27 (1997), 181-186.

  4. Angelic Spaces with the Ramsey Property.
    pp. 267-273, in: "Interaction Between Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Probability, Proceedings", N. Kalton, E. Saab, S. Montgomery-Smith (eds.), Marcel Dekker, New York, 1995.

  5. p-Hilbertian Subsequences in l1(X).
    Contemporary Mathematics 144 (1993), 159-163.

  6. Orlicz Sequence Spaces of Banach-Saks Type.
    Archiv der Mathematik 59 (1992), 562-565.

  7. Array Convergence of Functions of the first Baire-class.
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 112 (1991), 529-532.

  8. Weakly null sequences with upper lp-estimates, with Edward W. Odell.
    pp. 85-107, in: "Functional Analysis, Proceedings, The University of Texas at Austin, 1987-89", E. Odell, H. Rosenthal (eds.), Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1470, Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1991.

  9. On c0 Sequences in Banach spaces, with E. Odell.
    Israel Journal of Mathematics 67 (1989), 153-169.

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